Services The Firm Provides

The firm provides a broad range of services in the establishment and protection of its clients’ intellectual property, business and commercial rights. The firm reviews the clients’ current intellectual property asset portfolio and the clients’ future intellectual property strategies and other business plans. The firm then assists the client in legally protecting its valuable ideas, methods, formulas, customer data and other proprietary business information. It is this confidential information that gives the client a crucial and significant advantage over its competitors.

The Intellectual Property portfolio includes domestic and international patent, trademark/service-mark [ ®, TM, SM ], copyright [ © for audiovisual works, architectural works, computer programs, pictorial works, graphic works, sculptural works, music & sound recordings, literary works, etc.; *M* for semiconductor chip mask works; *D* for ship and boat hull designs], and trade secret protections. In each case, the firm assists the client in an overall strategy to properly protect and legally enforce its Intellectual Property rights against infringement and misappropriation by competitors, partners, investors, employees, franchisees, distributors, vendors, etc. Among some of the services the firm provides in pursuit of these goals, the firm prepares, files and prosecutes Patent and Trademark/Service-Mark applications (mechanical, electrical, chemical, marine/naval, business methods) before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and the firm secures copyright protection for its clients. Also, as determined by the clients’ needs and desires, the firm prepares, files and prosecutes international PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) patent applications, PCT-U.S.National Stage patent applications, and international Madrid Protocol trademark applications. The firm negotiates and drafts licensing and distribution agreements.

Admiralty and Maritime Law is defined as a body of law governing marine commerce and navigation, the transportation at sea (by containerships, tankers, passenger ships, barges, tugs, boats, etc.), in navigable waters, of persons and property, and marine affairs in general. An admiralty court is a court that exercise jurisdiction over all maritime contracts (vessel hull and liability insurance, cargo insurance, Longshore Harbor Workers Insurance, cargo carriage contracts, etc.), torts, injuries, or offenses; the U.S. federal courts are so called when exercising their admiralty jurisdiction, which is conferred by the U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 2. The admiralty and maritime law is comprised of International Treaties/Conventions, U.S. Statutes, and the General Maritime Law developed by admiralty courts’ decisions over centuries. This firm handles all matters that may arise under the admiralty and maritime law.

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Areas of Practice Images

For a multitude of business transactions, the firm develops the necessary multi-party contracts and advises the client of necessary affirmative acts the client must take to better protect and enforce the clients’ intellectual property and other business rights, under both Federal and State law. The firm also provides related litigation representation in Florida, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

The firm also provides local counsel services for International and U.S. business entities and law firms. The U.S. Federal District Courts served are in Florida, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.