About The Firm:

The Miller Law Offices, PLC assists individuals and business owners
with necessary legal protections for all of its various business
transactions, its contracts, its inventions, vital confidential methods,
formulas, customer lists, trademarks, trade-dress, copyright rights,
all types of intellectual property rights, and other confidential
proprietary business information. This information gives our clients
an advantage over their competitors. These legal protections are
critical to the long term business success of all business entities
operating in a competitive national and global economy.  The
business owner must plan for the inevitable attack, by its
competitors, on those assets that give the entrepreneur's business its
competitive advantage. These business assets include, but are not
limited to, its confidential methods, formulas, products, customer
information and its key employees. To minimize its clients' business
asset risks in these matters, the firm prepares, files and prosecutes
for U.S.and International patent, trademark and copyright
protections, and negotiates and drafts various types of contracts, and
Intellectual Property licensing/ distribution agreements. The firm
represents global business entities in the prosecution of their U.S.
patent applications and other intellectual property rights, and assists
these companies in managing their global intellectual property

The firm assists its clients in legal enforcement of its clients'
intellectual property and other business legal rights as necessary in
State and Federal Courts in Southern New York, Connecticut and
Florida. Further, the firm assists its clients in choosing and
structuring different types of corporate entities in order to allow for
micro-financing, angel investors, venture capital investment firms,
necessary Intellectual Property protections, governmental regulatory
requirements, and other necessary contractual and legal protections.

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About The Firm